Our Services

It’s in the way we work


Clearly defined objectives, which stem from us gaining an in-depth insight into your business are the key to us meeting your business objectives in an efficient manner. We gather information, solve problems, and offer clear, custom solutions.


Our sites are simple and clean, warmly inviting every visitor with a fantastic user-friendly product, but behind the seemingly simple design we use the latest technologies like HTML5 and forward-thinking web practices to make sure your site has all the power of the modern web.


Our designs put control of the web firmly in the hands of your users and their browsing habits, working seamlessly across any device and within every browsing environment.

Made by Modular – Thinking about the User Experience

Quality, usable products and clear design principles are the very foundation upon which Modular is built. Building rock-solid code accompanied by the latest technologies and taking advantage of the power of modularity in our design enables our websites to grow in the future and saves cost by negating the need for another redesign just two years later. Our use of Content Management Systems also allow your own internal team to edit and grow your website at little or no additional cost.

Made for today & tomorrow, not yesterday

This saying runs through every step of our process. We believe the core necessities of a good website have been neglected for far too long. It is crucial that proper research and planning is performed at the beginning of every project to understand the problems and objectives. This ensures we arrive at the right solution, not just at present; but for the future too. Design and development are no longer separate departments, no conveyer belts, just us working directly with you to build modern websites that are forward-thinking in their application. Because we are small and lean we are able to stay on top of advancements in the industry and not get bogged down in process, this allows us to collaborate in an agile manner with our clients and deliver a boutique solution to your online requirements.

So, what does “websites for the mobile age” mean?

With adoption of the mobile internet, tablets and smart phones rapidly becoming people’s primary web browsing device, it’s vital to “think mobile” or risk getting left behind. Our goal is to give users a more seamless and consistent online experience than they’d usually expect – one that works for them no matter which device they’re using or which browsing environment they’re in. Rather than creating one site for an imaginary desktop user who has all the time in the world to surf your site and another for an imaginary mobile user who is in a hurry and just needs to find the information they need instantly by siloing content off into separate “mobile” and “desktop” sites, we embrace publishing content that people actually want while adapting the display and tailoring the experience of that content according to the abilities of the users device (try out what we mean by resizing your browsers window on this site, or changing the orientation of your tablet or smart phone). This puts control of our designs firmly in the hands of our users and their browsing habits.


A Modular website will literally meet you wherever you are – from full-blown desktop computer down to mobile phone and anywhere in between. The benefit of our approach to our clients and their users span myriad avenues but from both a technological and budget sense this is the only way to make a modern, adaptable website – it’s the same site and same content adapting to the needs of the user, embracing the inherent fluidity of the web.


Two friends doing good work

Introduction to Modular

Modular was co-founded in early 2011 by two good friends who live, dream and exude quality work. Not content with being small cogs in big old-fashioned agency wheels, instead of gathering cobwebs in cubicles they broke out on their own to unveil cutting edge mobile web design and technologies to clients across the world. Simple, clean lines on the outside and simple, clean code on the inside is what we do and we offer a “100% awesome” guarantee on every site we deploy.

Tom Milway

Meet Tom Milway

Tom is an online problem solver. With over 6 years experience researching, planning and designing usable websites across various industries – he understands the web and how to best present your brand to the world. He is fascinated and driven by great design and as long as he is creating something he’s happy. Having also worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter Tom is well-versed in strategizing and managing website content.

A Brit abroad living in Seattle, USA, plays music in the band Royal Eyes, sings to his cats and used to like asking “why” a lot as a child. Visit him online at: tommilway.com

James Lutley

Meet James Lutley

James originally trained as a sound engineer and brings a multi-disciplinary approach to everything he does. Focusing his technically minded nature with a near-obsessive attention to detail to produce beautiful online experiences, he is equally happy getting stuck into code, typographic details, or using creativity to analyse online problems and develop forward-thinking solutions. James also prides himself on staying abreast of new advancements in web design to ensure all client sites do too.

James lives by the sea in Dorset on the south coast of England, plays guitar, dabbles in music production and enjoys a good Tom Yum Kung.